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The Universe Wept 

Author Wayne Adams has published numerous books over the years. He now has tackled science fiction.

His most recent book “The Universe Wept” is now available for purchase.

The Universe Wept

American astronomers discover an asteroid made entirely of gold. One of the scientists leaks the story to a reporter. U.S. President Margaret Mann wants NASA to mine the asteroid as a means of paying off the national debt. England and France remind the president of the Space Treaties of 1968 and 1975, which forbid any one nation from benefiting from a heavenly body that is considered valuable. At the same time, North Korea suddenly develops an interest in reunification talks with South Korea and the United States.

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Wayne, a 13 year veteran of the U.S. Army, was raised in Texas and graduated from East Texas State University. Currently, he lives with his wife Claudia in Biscoe, North Carolina.

Currently, Wayne is publishing “Friday’s Anger”, which delivers a new concept on the Kennedy Assassination Thrillers.

Those interested in learning more about purchasing one of his books should contact Adams by email at tipper1234@ebarqmail.com or by phone at 910-428-9779.